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Medical Device Grade

The raw materials of Perfectsight products are stealth fighter radar absorbing materials and medical radiation protection materials, which perfectly combine military technology and medical technology, reaching China's national first-class medical device product level.

Rare Earth Coating Technology

Perfectsight uses unique rare earth coating technology to evenly coat rare earth elements onto the base glass, thereby achieving at least 55% harmful blue light interception rate, surpassing most similar products on the market. We are committed to protecting your equipment and your eyes.

AR Technology

Perfectsight's latest use of AR (Anti-reflection) technology increases the light transmittance by 4% and reduces the reflected light by 4% based on the original clarity, allowing you to easily view your phone under the sun.

Products are Selling Well All Over the World

In 2023, Perfectsight sales will exceed 100 million, with a total of 1 million products sold! International sales account for 40%, with customers in 125 countries and regions around the world, and as many as 50 million product users!

Lots of Positive Reviews from Customers

Excellent quality and considerate service have made Perfectsight win unanimous praise from many consumers at home and abroad! The obvious eye protection effect after use has fascinated thousands of consumers. Many customers even reported that the eye pain symptoms caused by long-term use of mobile phones disappeared during the use of our brand of medical-grade blue light eye protection mobile phone screen protectors. Once I switch brands, the symptoms of eye fatigue come back. It's no wonder that the vast majority of customers who use our products become repeat customers.

Cooperate with Well-known Companies

From Corning in the United States to Panasonic in Japan, Samsung in South Korea and Apple in the United States, our partners are all over the world. The cooperation with China Water Cube further encourages us to pursue excellence, vigorously develop higher quality products, and do our best to create unlimited value for consumers and partners.