Cell phone screen protector also known as mobile phone film, mobile phone beauty film, mobile phone protective cover, is a kind of cold compress film that can be used to install panel mobile phone casings, screens and other tangible objects.

When you want to buy a cell phone screen protector for your new phone.

Seller: “What kind of screen protector you want, $10, $20, or $30? “

Customer: “Which is better?”

Seller: “Of course, the more expensive, the better.”

Customer: “I choose the mideum.”

If you are not familiar with screen protectors, you will be doubt about what the sellers say. The reason is that you don’t know how to choose a mobile phone screen protector and you don’t know which one is more suitable for your phone. Below we will answer your questions about how to choose a mobile phone screen protector.

The Different Types of Screen Protectors

First: Tempered glass screen protector.

Tempered glass also called toughened glass belongs to safety glass, which plays a good protective role for mobile phone safety.

Its characteristics are explosion-proof, scratch-resistant, wear-resistant, and the hardness can reach to 9H (even stroked with a knife), prevent the rupture of the tempered  glass caused by accidental impact of the mobile phone from harming the screen and the human body.

Easy to paste, no bubbles, the screen transmittance is up to 93%. It can prevent the harm of electronic waves to the human body. Feels better when used with sensitive touch.

tempered glass screen protector

Second: Privacy screen protector.

The privacy screen protector adopt the micro-louver optical technology, so that the information displayed on the screen is specially for the user to read on the front side, and anyone can only see the dark screen on both sides. From the previous 90-degree anti-peep to the current 360-degree anti-peep, it can be said that it is the best choice to protect your privacy.

privacy screen protector

PERFECTSIGHT privacy screen protectors

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Third: Anti blue light screen protector,

also known as blue light filter. The blue light emitted by the mobile phone screens will cause certain damage to the eyes.

The nano material of the anti blue light screen protector will absorb and convert the high-energy short-wave blue light emitted by the light source to reduce the damage and the stimulation of the eyes.

In addition, it can also anti scratch, reduce eye fatigue, provide high-definition vision and anti-oil.

anti blue ight screen protector

HD Medical-grade blue light screen protector

NMPA Class 1 Medical Device, Anti 6 Radiations

Fourth: Matte screen protector and anti glare screen protector

Matte anti glare screen protector is made of PET material .It provide anti-glare screens and reflection reduction, helpful for those who spend a lot of time in the bright sun or other intense lighting, adopts a three-layer or multi layers structure, the first is a frosted or AG Coating layer, which can prevent fingerprints.

Even if there is liquid residue such as sweat, it can be wiped clean easily, which ensures the visual effect of the screen.

The material is crafted  with special technology, which can effectively reduce the problem of reflection on the screen under the sun or the lamp, but there are also some problems with the astigmatism of the figure.

matte anti glare screen protector

What PERFECTSIGHT medical-grade matte anti glare screen protectors do?

Anti Glare Medical-grade blue light screen protector

NMPA Class 1 Medical Device, Anti 8 Radiations

Fifth: The mirror screen protector

What is the mirror screen protector?

The mirror screen protector adopts a unique mirror coating process, the screen displays a high-quality mirror effect in the standby state.

When the screen backlight is on, its visual effect will be very clear. Mirror mask can protect precious display screen from scratching, and can also be used as a mirror.

as the name implies, is that after the mirror screen protector is attached, the phone screen can be used as a mirror when the screen is turned off, but its low light-transfer point is easy to cause eye fatigue and hurt the eyes.

mirror screen protector

Sixth: Nano Liquid Screen Protectors:

What is Nano liquid screen protector?

Nano liquid cell phone protective film is a colorless and odorless nano liquid material composed of nano-grade organic silicon (SiO2) and high-quality antibacterial titanium, and is suitable for the protection of glass display screens of various shapes.

The screen of the mobile phone get rid of the tempered film, and the screen was painted 360 degrees without dead corners, the screen become smooth. A little water on the screen did not affect the use of the screen.

liquid screen protector

Conclusion about phone screen protectors

After understanding, you can judge what kind of screen protector you want, and which kind is more suitable.

Choosing a suitable screen protector for your device depends on your specific needs and how much you are willing to spend.

  • Less expensive screen protectors like PET film provide less protection but may be acceptable for older devices.
  • Tempered glass , anti blue light, anti glare, privacy screen protectors are more expensive but deliver far more protection and are the best option for expensive cell phones.

No matter what the device, adding another layer of protection with a practical and durable screen protector is highly recommended.