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Sapphire is the hardest natural mineral on earth except diamonds, its Mohs hardness reaches 9.

It has the characteristics of anti-corrosion, high hardness, wear-resistant and scratch-resistant, anti-glare, anti-bump and so on.

Electroplated sapphire screen protector is specially crafted tempered glass with a composite superhard sapphire material layer coated on, so that it has the effect of high hardness, scratch resistance and wear resistance.

Powerful Garrantee & Wide Target Audience

30 days no-hassle refund, a replacement if air bubbles, cracks, defects etc within 90 days.

Perfect for short-sighted person, school student, office worker, social media addict, online gamer, fashion lover etc.


No.1: Upgrade to Mohs hardness greater than grade 7


The composite super-hard sapphire material film is coated by vacuum coating method, so that its surface hardness can reach more than 7 on the Mohs scale, close to the sapphire hardness.

anti scratch better protection

No.2: Scratch-resistant, explosion-resistant


Close to the hardness of sapphire and less prone to scratches compared to regular tempered glass.

keep origin screen color, protect eyes

No.3: High transmittance for clearer image quality


AR optical transparency on both sides to reduce glare and reflections and improve contrast and clarity.

vaccum evaporation anti fingerprint

No.4: Fingerprint-resistant for a smoother hand feel


Using optical vacuum vaporization process, the active ingredients evaporate to the surface to form a hydrophobic and oleophobic nano-film layer, which can effectively prevent fingerprints, hydrophobic and oleophobic effect.

2.5D Rounded Edges

No.5: 2.5D curved edge, no scratches, case friendly

The edges are finely polished several times to create rounded 2.5D curved edges, smooth hand feel, less chance of chipping

Silky touch

No.6: Naked and silky smooth to the touch

Enjoy a silky feel for work, play, and life that’s fast.

A Complete Package:


  • 1 iPhone 11 Pro max/ iPhone Xs Max Sapphire Tempered Glass Screen Protector
  • 1 White microfiber wipe, 1 alcohol wipe ,1 Dust absorber
  • 1 Detailed Installation instructions
  • 1 Alignment Frame

What is Mohs hardness?


Mohs hardness is a measure of the hardness of a mineral, and was established in 1822 by the German mineralogist Frederick Moss (1890-1988). (Frederich Mohs) was first introduced. It is a standard used in mineralogy or gemology.

Mohs hardness is determined by scoring the surface of the mineral being tested with a prismatic conical diamond needle and measuring the depth of the scoring which is the Mohs hardness, denoted by the symbol HM. It is also used to indicate the hardness of other materials.

What is Mohs hardness grade?

In common things,

  • nails are 2.5,
  • aluminum and copper are 3,
  • iron is 4-5, stainless steel is 5.5,
  • plain glass 6, tempered glass is 6.5, specialty glass is close to 7,
  • quartz is 7, topaz 8, corundum,
  • 9 (rubies, sapphires),
  • diamonds 10.
Conceptual diagram of Mohs hardness

How to put on iPhone screen protector?

  1. Clean up the screen with alcohol pad.Make sure there is no dust and stain.
  2. Wipe dry the water stain with the microfiber wipe.
  3. Tear off the backfilm,make screen protector be directed at holes and edges,lay down the protector from one side and slide it with finger,it will stick to the screen automatically.
  4. If there are air bubbles, first, pull up the corner to the bubble and then lay down the protector and slide it.If there are many small bubbles on the edge,pull up the protector with one hand and press it gentlely with another hand to squeeze out the air.

Before the installation,please make sure the doors and windows are closed.Try to keep the invironment clean and avoid the occurrence of dust or lint.

Tutorilas vedio shows how to correctly install your screen protector and how to deal with dust and bubbles.

Mass Orders

If you want to order or customize mass eye care screen protectors, pls send us email: [email protected]


重量 10.6 oz
尺寸 13.8 × 9.8 × 0.6 in
Eye Care Edition

Compatible Model

Apple iPhone 11 Pro Max, iPhone Xs Max