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A sudden outbreak of a new coronavirus has made us aware of the importance of health.

Viruses spread horribly, yet are the phones we hold every day clean?
Answer: no.

According to a study, the number of germs carried on mobile phones is 10 times more than the number of germs on toilets, which can cause skin problems, diarrhea, and other health problems. Respiratory infections and other diseases.

For this reason PERFECTSIGHT has launched an antibacterial tempered glass screen protector.

Powerful Garrantee & Wide Target Audience

30 days no-hassle refund, a replacement if air bubbles, cracks, defects etc within 90 days.

Perfect for short-sighted person, school student, office worker, social media addict, online gamer, fashion lover etc.

Best Triple Protection Got: Anti-Bacterial ,Blue Light Filter,Protection Screen.

Using a cell phone at the time was already facing a double hazard: bacteria and blue light.

PERFECTSIGHT iPhone 11/ Xr antibacterial eye care tempered glass screen protector combines the anti-blue light process and nano-silver ion anti-bacterial technology, giving you healthy eyes while resisting 99% of the bacteria on our bodies, truly enjoy the colorful screen world!

silver ion antibacterial eye care screen protector, pretect the health of family

Family health needs to be safeguarded at special times

E. coli, staphylococcus, and other bacteria on mobile phones can exist on the phone for up to 24 hours.

99.99% antibacterial no afraid of the pervasive bacterial treat

Silver ion antibacterial 99.99% break the pervasive bacterial threat

PERFECTSIGHT antimicrobial tempered film applies silver ions to the tempered film through a precision coating technique that allows the coating to be The silver-based antimicrobial agent has an inward release of silver ions to the surface, allowing the anti-bacterial/anti-virus effect to be maintained. 99.99% of bacteria

effectly filter blue light

Anti blue light more comfortable as every swipe

Imported anti-blue light material, 20% effective anti-blue light, reducing the screen light damage to the eyes.

anti scratch better protection

2 times reinforced, scratch resistant and anti-burst cracking

Double-reinforced blast-proof, non-breakable edges

2.5D Rounded Edges

2.5D curved edge, no scratches, case friendly

Rounded 2.5D curved edges, smooth hand feel, less chance of chipping

vaccum evaporation anti fingerprint

AF vacuum evaporation anti-fingerprint,hydrophobic and oleophobic, easy to clean

Using AF vacuum heating technology to evaporate the active ingredients to the glass surface to form a nano-level film that is hydrophobic and oleophobic, which effectively prevents fingerprints and prevents oleophobia.

Silky touch

Naked and silky smooth to the touch

Enjoy a silky feel for work, play, and life that’s fast.

keep origin screen color, protect eyes

High Definition Bloom Original Screen

Highly transparent image quality, clear and bright

A Complete Package:


  • 1 iPhone 11/ Xr Antibacterial Screen Protector of high quality tempered glass
  • 1 White microfiber wipe, 1 alcohol wipe ,1 Dust absorber
  • 1 Detailed Installation instructions
  • 1 Alignment Frame

How to remove iphone ipad glass screen protector?

Did you ever have a tempered glass screen protector encountered broken, cracked, dust, air bubbles etc? Do you know how to correctly and perfectly remove glass screen protector from your digital devices’screen like Apple iPhone, iPad?

If yes, maybe you will get your answer from here:

How to put on iPhone screen protector?

  1. Clean up the screen with alcohol pad.Make sure there is no dust and stain.
  2. Wipe dry the water stain with the microfiber wipe.
  3. Tear off the backfilm,make screen protector be directed at holes and edges,lay down the protector from one side and slide it with finger,it will stick to the screen automatically.
  4. If there are air bubbles, first, pull up the corner to the bubble and then lay down the protector and slide it.If there are many small bubbles on the edge,pull up the protector with one hand and press it gentlely with another hand to squeeze out the air.

Before the installation,please make sure the doors and windows are closed.Try to keep the invironment clean and avoid the occurrence of dust or lint.

Tutorilas vedio shows how to correctly install your screen protector and how to deal with dust and bubbles.

Mass Orders

If you want to order or customize mass eye care screen protectors, pls send us email: [email protected]


重量 10.6 oz
尺寸 13.8 × 9.8 × 0.6 in
Eye Care Edition

Compatible Model

Apple iPhone 11, iPhone Xr